Leather from the
Horween Leather Company in Chicago

This is where the world’s finest equine leather is made — Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. NOMOS Glashütte uses it exclusively for
their watch straps


Glashütte (ots|wro) - This leather is like the watch it fastens: Made patiently following old traditions—by people who love their craft. The resulting products belong to those rare items which, as they change in time, only get better: The colors deepen; sun and wear alter the material—a beautiful metamorphosis. This leather is made by a tannery in Chicago: The Horween Leather Company.

Straps made from Genuine Shell Cordovan, as this leather is called, are only found on watches from NOMOS Glashütte. It is true that other manufacturers use equine lea-ther as well, but only NOMOS Glashütte uses the finest, most supple, and durable part of the hide; two small ovals, the exi-stence and distinctive quality of which only few people are aware. Two thick, smooth, shell-shaped parts located to the right and left on the rump above the tail. The leather shells are small and they are thick because the parts are located in the horse’s “blind spot”: An area the horse can’t reach with its tail or teeth to get rid of pesky flies. The hide is thicker there to prevent the flies from being a nuisance.

At the Horween Leather Company in Chicago: The shells are ready to be processed.
A few other manufacturers use equine leather as well. But watch manufacturer NOMOS Glashütte is the only one to reserve the best part of the hide, that small area above the tail, for its straps. The hide there is especially dense and of high quality-making the straps particularly durable. By the way:No animal is deprived of its life for its hide.
Photo: NOMOS Glashütte/Sebastian Asmus

Horsehide is rare, the animals are not raised for their hide—no horse dies for this purpose. This makes the Horween tannery in Chicago the last of its kind. A world-famous family-owned com-pany, established in 1905, and also known for the leather used in the footballs of the NFL and basketballs of the NBA.

It's the overall impression that counts-and for watches, that
includes the strap. Watch model Metro neomatik midnight

blue by NOMOS Glashütte with a strap made from Horween
Genuine Shell Cordovan, dyed, oiled and burnished by hand.

Photo: NOMOS Glashütte/Hartmut Nägele.