New shopping technologies:
myWorld draws a positive interim result
and continues its course for success

London/Amberg (ots|wro) - On 13 August 2022, myWorld held the second keynote of this year, which took place at the event venue Sartory-Säle in Cologne. The event focused on the product inno-vations of the past and coming months, which will take the shop-ping experience for customers to a new level.

For one year now, the international myWorld group of companies increasingly relies on groundbreaking shopping technologies. Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld International, reflects positively: “Over the past twelve months, we have shown tireless effort and worked collab-oratively with our experts and developers to make the shopping experience for our shoppers even better and more enjoyable. And we managed to do so: It has never been that easy to save money when doing the daily purchases with myWorld – which is an espe-cially crucial factor in the current times.”

Milestones online and in-store

Sharif Omar took the opportunity to recall the milestones of the past year. The list of new features is long. By now, it is already possible to register at myWorld in a matter of seconds using existing Apple, Google, or social media accounts. In addition, there are free shop-ping lists with a share function, an improved myWorld Plug-in for desktop browsers that makes sure that you do not miss any benefits when shopping online, and a greatly simplified eVoucher order process. Also, the connection of the products of the affiliate partners to received a massive boost. In just a few months, the range was expanded to 70 million products – more than twice – in 28 countries. Finding the right product is supported by a state-of-the-art search engine relying on artificial intelligence, which will soon be working in 70 languages and dialects.

“Shoppers not only benefit from the range of favourable shopping opportunities but also receive significantly more Cashback and Shopping Points than before,” says Sharif Omar. “They can use the collected Cashback, for example, to pay for trips on travelworld.
and they can redeem Shopping Points for Deals in the Benefit Lounge on to secure themselves even more dis-counts on a rapidly growing range of products and trips. This allows them to get the best prices most of the time when shopping with myWorld.”

Innovations in the SME area

In addition to the numerous product innovations launched in the recent months, there are several new products that consumers, merchants, and service providers can already look forward to. The improved “Scan and Go” feature in the myWorld App allows you to easily register the purchases at myWorld partners with only a few clicks at a later time, for example when you forgot to identify your-self as a myWorld customer when paying. “The shopper only has to scan the payment receipt with the app and choose the partner, and then he will receive the usual benefits even after making the pur-chase,” explains Radovan Vitosevic, Chief Operating Officer myWorld International. “This makes the shopping experience a lot easier – not only for the shopper but also for the partner, that does not have to put a lot of time into training its employees anymore.” In Austria, the “Scan and Go” feature is already in the test phase, a roll-out in further countries is planned.

Also another product in the SME area is waited with baited breath, which shall supplement the two existing customer loyalty pro-grammes for merchants and service providers soon. A quick, un-complicated connection to the myWorld partner network, which 

With the improved "Scan and Go" feature in the
myWorld App, it is now possible to register the
purchases at myWorld partners with just a few

clicks at a later time and thus receive Cashback
and Shopping Points as usual. Copyright: myWorld International. Picture: myWorld International

makes the SME instantly visible to 15 million potential cus-tomers, and the possibility to register loyalty customers are only some of the benefits that SME partners will obtain.

“The positive feedback provided by our community shows that we are on the right track, which is very essential for us regarding the planned initial public offering,” emphasises Sharif Omar. “We will therefore continue this course for success with vigour und we will revolutionise the myWorld shopping experience step by step. In fact, we have only just begun.”

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About myWorld International

myWorld International, based in London, is the operator of the worldwide myWorld Benefit Program, which offers a wealth of attractive benefits for shoppers, retailers, and service providers alike. Shoppers can enjoy Shopping Points and Cashback with every purchase from myWorld partners – regardless of whether they shop online or in-store. In turn, partners benefit from the efficient customer loyalty programmes, which helps them increase their visibility and sales. More than 15 million customers and 150,000 partners in 55 markets already use the myWorld Benefit Program. More on